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I recently heard a team member say, “but we can’t force the person on the phone to make an appointment.”

What I really heard the team member say was, “I am really struggling to know what to say on the phone, so I can make the caller an appointment.”

This is a very common struggle that Dental Teams have when they answer the phones.

They are trying to make appointments but start to think and believe they sound pushy.

Something else I heard recently from a team member was, “that just sounds so pushy and salesy.”

I so get where they are coming from. I too struggled with this when I was answering calls in my Dental Practice.


The first step to overcome this real struggle, is to start believing you are not forcing the caller to do anything, you are helping them to choose what is best for them.

A big part of your job when you answer calls in a dental practice is to help the caller the best way you can.

This does mean you often need to suggest what is best for them.

This also means you need to use the type of language with the caller, that will also help persuade them to make that appointment. The appointment that is going to help them the best.

So what type of language do you use?

I mentioned persuasive language.

You start by listening to the caller, so they feel acknowledged, validated and important, then you offer a suggestion.

People that call a business of any sort, want to know what is next and more importantly they want you to tell them what is next.

Often what happens in a Dental Office, is you hold back from offering what is next because you believe it sounds pushy, salesy and we are trying to force the caller to do something they don’t want to do.

The answer is to wait until you can hear the caller is ready.

You then suggest making the appointment.

“It sounds like we should make an appointment for you straight away. Would you prefer morning or afternoon?”

Letting go of the belief you are being pushy will give you so much more confidence on the call and you will start to focus on really helping your patients as best you can.


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