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Dental Offices can be very busy places.

We get caught up in the daily grind and how we respond to our patients can become very automatic and regimented.

When things happen on a regular basis we do start to accept that this is just part of the daily happenings in our dental office.

When calls come in we can easily fall into the trap of believing that many calls are just a New Patient Enquiry that ends up with no appointment being made.

This is a very dangerous mindset that can very quickly create complacency and acceptance that it is OK when people do not make an appointment when they call our practice.

A call to our dental office really means that a person has chosen our dental office for a particular reason, and they have a dental issue or concern. And yet we sometimes make no appointment for them.

Every call that comes into your office is an opportunity to help a prospective patient and make them an appointment.

If the person answering the calls in a dental office does not have the belief that the outcome of every call should be an appointment then less and less appointments will be made.

Once teams start to track and measure their results they soon find out if that they are not converting as many new patient calls to appointments as they thought.

With no tracking and measuring your team has no idea how many calls are converted to appointments and often believe that most calls do make appointments when in reality this is not true.

Tracking and measuring helps us all become more accountable and gives us the real situation.

Get your team tracking their calls today. If you have the right team, the team that are dedicated and eager to do better, then they will be keen to start tracking.

They can then see where they struggle with their calls and where they struggle being able to make appointments. It might be something that can easily be fixed with better and more effective patient communication skills.

2018 is fast approaching and I know most Dental Offices are busy with patients who want an appointment before the end of the year, before they leave for holidays, but now is the time to consider 2018 and decide what you want for your Dental Business and patients next year.

If you believe your patient communication is letting you and your patients down then 2018 can be the year you get it right and your year to excel.

Now is the time to do something about it.


This blog  features simple practical ideas that are easy to implement tomorrow in your Dental Office, impacting immediately on your Patients’ Dental  Phone Experiences, and ultimately, improving your practice profitability.

Dental Phone Excellence is a simple to implement complete Phone Answering system I developed that helped me to build an extraordinary dental practice in the heart of working class western Sydney.

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