What a tumultuous six weeks it has been so far.

Who would have thought a year ago, that this would be our March and April. You would have laughed at them. I know I would have.

Every single person on our planet has been affected in some way. Many people have been affected greatly and will be affected for a long time yet.

Our businesses have been affected and we all need to start working out how we are going to recover from the loss.

I am hearing so many dentists concerned about the low number of patients booked in over the last week and the weeks to come.

Okay there is a valid reason for not having many new patients booked in, after all we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and dentistry has been restricted to level 3, now moving to level 2 last week here in Australia.

As soon as you were informed about level 3 restrictions you had to contact patients who were committed to their treatment and had already confirmed their appointments.

You then had to explain the COVID-19 situation, apologise for the inconvenience of not be able to treat them and reschedule their appointment somewhere into the unknown future.

If you were smart, you also let your patients know that, you would call them straight away as soon as the restrictions were lifted and bring their appointment and treatment forward.

Now you are back to level 2 you can see some of these patients or you will be left with an appointment book made up of a few New Patients and Emergency Patients that call your practice.

This is what the smart dental practices have been doing over the last few weeks.

They have been setting up their appointment book for the upcoming weeks.

These dental practices also called patients to check in on them to continue and maintain their relationship.

These dental practices also called patients with outstanding and incomplete treatment plans and got them ready to go as soon as the restrictions are lifted.

So have a good think.

Are you the dental practice that set up everything with your patients or are you the dental practice that now needs to catch up quickly?

You can still be smart and get moving now.

Call your patients and make those appointments for them.




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