We have all said this under our breath:

“What a difficult patient!”

You know the patient…

  • You can’t seem to find a time that suits them.
  • They cancel all the time.
  • You are always following them up.
  • They never want to have all their treatment completed.
  • They are in pain and want an appointment immediately.
  • They complain because your fees are too high.
  • They are always late.
  • They are always cranky on the phone and in the surgery.
  • They ask so many questions.

And the list goes on and on and on…

What if you are not meeting the needs of your patient?

I do believe the difficult patient is responding to a particular situation where their needs are not being met.

The patient is not “a difficult patient” they are just responding to a difficult situation?

Being difficult is a behaviour that most of us show when we are:

  • Confused
  • We don’t fully understand what is going on.
  • Faced with a problem
  • Unsure
  • Scare and concerned
  • Upset
  • Frustrated

The next time you answer the phone or you are confronted by a patient who appears to be difficult, start to look at why they are being difficult.

What has caused them to have this behaviour?

I know this can be challenging.

The best way to handle a difficult situation with a patient is to find out why and offer a solution.

Start asking questions to find out more.

Then you can work out a solution or at least a next step to a solution.

Asking the right questions leads to:

  • The patient calming down and starting to trust you.
  • The patient opening up to you.
  • A solution.

The real skill in dealing with a “difficult patient”, is to ask calming questions to find what the problem really is, and then offer suitable solutions.

So really there is no such thing as a difficult patient but rather a patient responding to a difficult situation.



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