“The art of persuasion refers to the ability to change people’s minds, and sometimes their behaviors as well, without force, coercion, deception, or manipulation.” Google search

Persuasion is changing someone’s mind in a positive way that is good not evil.

Is being able to persuade and influence someone a tool or a skill that is developed?

You may not be aware, but every day in your dental practice you have the opportunity to change people’s minds so you can better help your patients.

Persuasion is all about how you communicate with your patients and steer them in the right direction.

You and your team are persuading your patients every day as you schedule appointments, keep your patients on track, help your patients accept their treatment, and making sure patients keep coming back.

You are persuading patients to make the right decisions that are always in their best interest.

I often hear dentists say “I’m not a great communicator.”

Well you need to become a great communicator. Just like you became a great dentist you also need to be a great communicator.

Communication is a learned skill that is developed over time as we put it to use.

When you develop the right communication skills you start to develop the skills of persuasion.

Let’s have a look at the times when you need to be able to use persuasive communication:

The New Patient Phone Call:

The New Patient is unsure about scheduling an appointment. They are concerned about the price or nervous about going ahead in case it hurts. When your team have the right persuasive communication skills they are able to steer the caller in the right direction and remove any obstacles that are holding them up from scheduling an appointment. This is when your team are able to convert more calls into kept appointments.

The Cancellation Call

Even though you are working hard to help your patients stay on track by understanding the urgency and importance of going ahead with their treatment and care, there are those times when patients will call and cancel their appointment.

When your team have great persuasive communication skills they are able to help patients, with a not so valid reason for their cancellation, change their mind and keep their appointment. Who doesn’t want this. Less cancellations.

I hear many dental teams miss the mark when it comes to these cancellation calls. There is such an opportunity on these phone calls to change your patient’s mind. But your team need to develop the right communication skills to be able to do this.

Treatment Planning

“Do you have patients who don’t go ahead with your treatment plans?” I’m sure you answered yes. Let me ask this question in a different way, “Do you have patients who you thought were ready to go ahead with their treatment and didn’t?”

Most of the time it is the difference between a Dentist who has persuasive communication skills and one that doesn’t.

When you present a plan to a patient it must be part of a conversation with the patient. During the conversation you want patients to start to buy into wanting the treatment because they get the urgency and they get the importance and the negative consequences of what can happen if there is a delay in treatment.

This treatment planning conversation is actually persuading, convincing and helping your patient to take action. Remember the definition of persuasion “the ability to change people’s minds, and sometimes their behaviors as well, without force, coercion, deception, or manipulation.”

Asking your patient if they would like to go ahead with treatment before you have properly communicated with your patient is a big mistake. This is why it is so important to develop the right persuasive communication skills.

The success of your practice largely depends on how well you are able to communicate with your patients and steer them towards the best outcomes.

So, if you have been experiencing calls coming into your practice that are not being converted to kept appointments, cancellations out of control and incomplete patient treatment plans then the problem could be how you are communicating with your patients.

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