Everyone who calls your dental office has already partly chosen you as their dentist.

Something influenced them to choose to call you in the first place.

It was either your fabulous website and SEO or a friend referred them after telling them how wonderful you are or they have decided you were so convenient to their home or work.

Whatever the reason was, they chose you.

Very often, what they haven’t chosen to do yet, is to make an appointment with you.

But why are so many dental offices struggling to make that appointment?

I am always baffled why you know your new patient numbers, you even know how many patients have cancelled appointments but you don’t know how many people called your office each day!

It is easy to work out.

Once you know the number of New Patient calls you received each day you can soon work out how many calls did not make appointments.

Just compare the New Patient calls received to the number of New Patients you have and you have the number of people who did not make appointments.

Why do you need to know the number of people who called your office and did not make appointments?

Because this is what you have missed out on.

This is how many people you have missed out on who would have become your patient.

So why do people call your office and some make appointments and some do not make an appointments?

Doesn’t everyone who calls your office have a dental problem or concern?

The only way to know for sure is to track the calls and analyse what is being said on each of the calls.

You may have no idea that your team are struggling to make appointments with the calls coming in because you don’t track this number.

Your team could be struggling to make New Patient appointments and they have no idea this is happening.

I have seen a huge turn around in practice production and growth once calls are analysed and something is done to fix the problems.

Once you analyse the calls you know for sure what is happening and why you are not converting calls to appointments.

You now have an opportunity to change what is being said on the phone so more calls are converted to appointment.

The problem I see happening for many dentists and business owners who finally find out they have a big problem with calls not being converted to appointments, is they don’t know what to do to fix the problem and nothing gets done and nothing gets improved.

Teams need to be continually working on their patient communication skills to improve and increase the conversion of calls to appointments.

You don’t want to be that dental office that receives 5 calls and only 1 makes an appointment.

Have a close look at your calls and if you are not doing this then you should be.

This is one of the easiest ways to grow your business so start tracking calls.

Keep in mind that you have already paid for every call that comes into your practice through your marketing so it just makes sense to ensure all of your calls turn into appointments not just some of them!

If you are interested in my Call Tracking Service or have any questions please call 1300 387 044 or email jayne@thedpe.com. Stop missing out on making appointments.


How To Turn Every Dental Phone Call Into A Valued and Kept Appointment- “Dental Phone Excellence is a simple to implement complete Phone Answering system that works.

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