When you answer the phone in a Dental Practice, you always want to be on top of your game with definite steps to follow.

Knowing what to say to people on the phone is important.

But what about how you sound on the phone?

Yes, what you say and ask on every call is important but how you sound is equally important.

What you sound like on the phone will influence the person on the other end.

Do you know what you sound like on the phone? Try listening to yourself and see what you think?

Do you sound polite? Do your sound professional? Do you sound friendly and helpful?

I recently had a call from a local business and the young woman who answered the phone sounded enthusiastic, happy and ready to help me.

We were off to a great start on our phone conversation.

I wanted to record her voice and use it as an example of how everyone who answers a phone should and can sound on the phone.

The way this woman sounded on the phone call had a direct influence on how she was communicating with me.

The way she sounded played a big part of how well she was communicating.

It was a pleasure to speak with her and such a contrast to the miserable, robotic and annoyed person I had spoken to earlier in the day.

It got me thinking about how important it is to have the right voice, tone and attitude on the phone.

This is part of what sets you apart from other businesses, like yours.

Too easy!

Well it should be.

But there are so many businesses that don’t get this.

They don’t check how their team answer phone calls, and they don’t ever hold their team accountable.

I continually speak about that very first impression you create on the first phone call.

How your team sound on the phone directly influences EVERY person who calls your office. You want to keep a close eye on this.

Imagine if the people you have chosen to represent your business are giving the WRONG first impression and you are losing business because of this.

You can not leave this to chance.

Make it a rule that you only choose people to be on your team, who have a great attitude, sound positive, happy, helpful and polite with your patients.




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