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OK. The challenge is on for anyone interested in finding out what is standing in your way of making more appointments.

Here it is.

I challenge you to measure the number of calls coming into your practice for 5 days and how many of these calls do not make appointments.

There is no point in me asking for your New Patient Appointments because you can print this off on a dental software report.

That number on its own is not that relevant.

I want to know how many people with a dental concern decided to call your office and then decided NOT to make an appointment.

These are the New Patients who slipped through your fingers.

If you do not know this number you are not alone.

Most Dental Offices do not know this number.

Here is what you now do with this new number… once you have the number of calls received and the number of appointments not made, calculate this as a percentage.

This now becomes the measure of five days of calls not converted to appointments.

This is the percentage of missed opportunity in your business.

It is also a missed opportunity for you to help these patients.

Once you know these numbers, the most important next step is what do you do with them?

Now if your call conversion to appointments is low then you can either ignore the numbers and hope they go away or get better all by themselves, or you can take action.

The number one reason why your numbers are low is because the people working for you who answer the phones are struggling to make appointments.

People are calling your office asking questions about price, health funds, parking, appointment times and on many of these calls the caller’s dental concern is not even discussed!

If your numbers are low your team may not have the patient communication skills needed to properly handle the calls and successfully book appointments.

Now this does not mean you have the wrong people working for you. Most of the time it means they do not have the level of skill to be able to communicate on the phone effectively.

This is solved with continued education that allows your team to get on top of their game and consistently achieve the results they should be seeing.

Now see how you go with my challenge.

The Dental Offices I work alongside are always surprised when they start measuring the calls to non-conversions and very quickly want help fixing this dental problem!


This blog  features simple practical ideas that are easy to implement tomorrow in your Dental Office, impacting immediately on your Patients’ Dental  Phone Experiences, and ultimately, improving your practice profitability.

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