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I have read a lot lately on the philosophy behind giving patients control to make their own decisions.

My experience when answering the phone and communicating with patients face-to-face is that many patients are afraid they are going to make the wrong decision.

What I have found is that many patients do want to make a decision but they don’t want to feel as if they have to make it alone.

Making decisions with your patient and helping and guiding them along the way, seems to be what many patients are after.

But you can only do this once the patient has started to trust you and is ready.

When you connect and engage with your patients in an authentic and caring way you will start to gain your patient’s trust and they will eventually want to make decisions with you.

Without the right level of trust your patient won’t let you help them make a decision.

Don’t ever believe that handing over the decision making to your patient about their treatment is what they actually want.

It seems a shame that we need to have contrived steps to follow when it comes to building rapport with patients, but we do want to get it right.

Once you are comfortable with the type of language you use when speaking with patients and the treatment they need, then your authentic self will kick in.

We do get caught up with a fear of selling and persuading our patients but remember we do this with everything in our life.

We do it as parents, friends and with our patients.

The reason we do it is because we care and really want to make sure we do the best for our patients.

Not selling or persuading our patients to go ahead with treatment is doing them a disservice.

Our job after all is to provide the very best oral care to our patients and not to watch them walk out the door and get into dental trouble before the next time we see them.

Help your patients make decisions with them.



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