Fact #1: “Emergency Treatment is ten times more expensive as care.” said Dr Howard Farran from Dentaltown.

Your patients may not know this.

I didn’t know this.

It is the same with so many things we neglect and stop paying attention to, we end up having to spend more money to fix it when it breaks.

This is an important fact to share with your patients.

Fact #2: Preventive Care or Continued Care is exactly what it is. Preventing big dramas before they happen.

Fact #3: Getting patients to make and keep their Preventive Care Appointment is a big challenge in many Dental Practices.

Is this a problem in your practice?

Fact # 4: Patients don’t value preventive care and/or don’t get it.

Fact #5: You are responsible to not only inform patients of the importance of preventive care but to be truthful about the consequences of no preventive care.

Are you creating the right urgency and concern for your patient’s preventive care appointments?

Or are you dancing around the truth of what happens to patients who neglect proper oral care?

I know it is important to go through the options for dental treatment with your patients but are you also going through the consequences of not having treatment, especially preventive care treatment.

Fact #6: Letting your patients know that having no preventive care will mean extensive and expensive treatment down the track is the truth.

So, what are the consequences of no preventive care, that you should be sharing with your patients?

  • Pain or discomfort
  • unsightly looking teeth
  • bad breath
  • other medical conditions
  • tooth loss
  • extensive and expensive dental treatment

Show your patients the images of what their teeth looked like before.

Fact #7: Patients do not want to go back to having bad teeth.

Fact #8: Patients easily forget the history of having to have emergency dental care that was “extensive and expensive” at the time.

It would be a great world if your patients took on the responsibility of preventive care themselves but alas, they do not.

Fact #9: You have a duty of care for your patients to do and say what best helps your patients.

Fact #10: Your patients trust you and you have a big influence on their decisions so help your patients make the right decision.

Make decisions with your patients.

Make it your mission this week to get more of your patients returning for preventive and continued care.

Let me know how you go.

After all you are only letting them know the truth warts and all!



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