Most Dental Practices receive a lot of incoming calls each day.

Some practices have a very high volume of calls and others have low volume.

Whatever the number of incoming calls you have right now, you still need to answer these calls correctly and schedule appointments for most of the calls.

Where I see dental teams getting stuck at the moment is on the price question call, when the caller wants to know how much it will all cost.

I know you have probably told your team never give out the prices over the phone.

I get this.

There is no point in giving your prices out straight away over the phone, if the caller has no real value or understanding of what this price actually means.

But here is the problem.

If your team are told not to give out the price, what do they say when a caller wants to know the price. How do they answer the caller?

Your team need the communication skills to be able to handle the price question call confidently and easily, and still have an opportunity to be able to schedule and confirm an appointment.

So, how do they do this?

Answer: Very thoughtfully, very carefully and very skillfully!

Knowing what to say when you are asked the price is a skill.

The key to success right here is not to immediately blurt out your prices but to put on your detective hat and discover more.

When a caller asks you any question you MUST find out more before you can even consider answering the question. One question from the caller very rarely gives you the exact information to accurately respond.

You need to flip the call so you start asking questions.

Whoever is asking questions is in control of the conversation.

Think about it.

When you answer the call you start by asking, “How may I help you?” You are in control of the conversation because you asked the first question.

This is when the caller may ask you the price of dental treatment.

“How much does a filling cost?” The Caller is now in control of the call.

Instead of answering that initial price question leaving the caller in control, I want you to start doing this:

“Who am I speaking with?” “Hi John how are you today?” ” John, so I can help you, do you mind if I ask you a few questions to find out more?”

You have asked 3 questions in a row and regained control of the conversation.

You have now flipped the call because you have now asked a question instead of answering the caller’s first question.

It’s that easy.

Now you have the opportunity to dig deeper and find out what is going on, what the caller needs and wants and how to best help them, and you stay in control of the conversation because you are the one asking questions.

This is the BEST way to handle the price question call.

Of course you did say to the caller that you would help them and so I would always recommend that you address the price question further into the call once you have had an opportunity to build rapport with the caller, make a connection and create a level of value.

Now when you give the caller a range of fees or recommend they come in to meet the dentist, they are more likely to see value and accept your recommendations.

I’m not saying that if you follow this on ALL price question calls you will convert the call to an appointment, but you will convert more calls to appointments and become much more confident on these type of calls.

Give it a go and let me know what results you start seeing.

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