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What has happened to the world?

Once upon a time in faraway world there was something called your word.

Your word was a “social norm” that was very important.

A world when you said you would do something and you did it.

Thank goodness there are some trustworthy people who keep their word and hold it in high regard.


This is very true in our dental business.

Patients trust us because of the excellent service and care we deliver and they trust us because of our word.

We are known to promise and deliver!

The norm now appears to be over promise and under deliver.

I know this never ever works for me.

What about you?

How do you feel when people say one thing and then do another?

What happened to a person’s word?

I suppose it is best to keep quiet unless you know you can deliver or at least appear to be making an effort.

Blowing words in the air and never following through is not a pattern you want in your personal life or your business, but it appears to happen more and more.

Research shows that a person knows they will break the promise or their word as soon as they make it. They never even intended to keep the promise.

If you know beforehand that you will be unable to keep your word then let the person know what has happened. You will keep some trust.

Some people under promise and over deliver so they look like the good guys.

This is not what your patients want to hear.

Why not just promise and deliver?

Know what you can and cannot do and don’t blow smoke around the place and lose your patient’s trust and confidence in you.

I know it can get tricky when patients are so focused on an appointment time that is not available.

We let them know that if an appointment does become available we will call them. It doesn’t always work out but the patient knows we have tried our best.

Once the trust is broken there is often no turning back.

Easier to keep your word, keep your promise and only say what you can deliver upon.


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