This is a very interesting question.

When is price less important to you?

Yes, that’s correct.

Price is LESS important when you value what you are paying for, even if it’s MORE!

I’m sure at some point, you have been in the situation where you were really stretched to be able to afford something, but then you found a way to pay for it. And glad you did.

I believe it is very arrogant to believe that you have some magical skill that allows you to remove a customer’s concern about the price of something. What really happens, is the customer still believes something costs a lot, but they buy it because they believe it is worth it and they are willing to pay more.

So, how does this work with dentistry?

Have you heard your patients say this? “Wow that’s a lot.” “I wasn’t expecting to pay that much.” “Oh, I’m not sure I can afford it right now.”

These comments are all quite normal to initially hear from some of your patients.

What we pay for something IS important to MOST people.

But you know you have been able to create a different perspective in the eyes of your patients when you hear them say this:

“Wow, that’s a lot but I know this can’t wait and it’s important to get done.” “I wasn’t expecting to pay that much but it will be worth it in the long run.” “Oh, I can’t afford it right now but I’ll find a way to do it.”

You know your patient’s mindset has shifted when they say this to you.

The question is, how do you help your patient make the shift from, “Wow that’s a lot.” to “Wow, that’s a lot but I know this can’t wait and it’s important to get done.”?

Every patient needs a sense of urgency and importance for their dental treatment.

Often the discussions we have with patients are brushed over quickly and any uncomfortable conversations are avoided. After all you don’t ever want your patient to feel uncomfortable or is it about you not wanting to feel uncomfortable telling patients something they may not want to hear.

These uncomfortable conversations are all part of helping patients shift from being concerned about how much they will pay, to the concern of what will happen if they do not go ahead with their treatment.

You haven’t pushed aside their concerns about the price, you have moved it down their list of priorities and what is most important to them.

For some patients this shift can take time and for others they get it straight away.

Be patient with your patients.

We set priorities for everything we spend our money on, and dentistry is no different.

There are the patients who will always place their health first and those that need a gentle nudge to take their health to the top of their priority list or close by!

Your job as Health Professionals, both clinical and non-clinical, is to help nudge your patients so they see their dentistry is important, there are consequences of delaying treatment, and their dentistry is worth the price they pay.



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