So you are recording all of your incoming phone calls?

This is the question I ask dentists when I start speaking with them about their businesses.

I always presume that everyone knows what you can do once you record your incoming calls, so they must already be doing it.

The dentists that are already recording calls and looking closely at the metrics of these calls are always way ahead when it comes to running a successful business.

There are the dentists that are recording incoming phone calls but are unaware of the powerful tool they have in their business.

And alas there are still dentists that haven’t considered recording their incoming calls to boost their business.

But after I speak with dentists, they are very interested in how it all works.

Once they find out how simple it is to get started, they are always disappointment they had not set it all up sooner.

Recording your incoming business calls is legal and above board and patients are informed of the recording for training purposes at the start of each incoming call.

You also keep your original practice phone number and don’t need to change to a different number. Easy!

Once you start you will soon realise that recording your incoming calls is a game changer with so many benefits and this is why the big companies have been doing it for the last 20 years and why small businesses are finally seeing the benefits and what they have been missing out on.

Very soon if will be strange to hear of any business not recording their incoming calls.

This is what I have noticed happen in Dental Practices that now have incoming call recordings setup:

  • Immediately the team start to become accountable for what they say on each call
  • There are immediate improvements because the team are aware their calls are being recorded even before any training starts.
  • Team the phone recordings with phone skills training and bingo you start getting noticed results.
  • You can listen back to calls and analyse what worked well and what went wrong.
  • You can hear what your patients are hearing on the calls and meeting the needs of your patients better.
  • You can check that your team are giving their best or if they are in need of training.
  • You can track the new patient calls that don’t make an appointment and why.
  • You can track cancellation call.
  • Call tracking reports provide insight into the practice results.
  • You know what time and day most patients call your practice, so you can ensure you have enough people answering phones. You might be having lunch breaks when people are trying to call your practice.
  • You can see if your team are talking too much on the calls and not asking enough questions.
  • You find out if your team are consistent with the phone greeting and the very first impression.
  • You also find out how many calls are coming into the practice and start to see the number of new and unique callers to the practice.
  • You can locate previous conversations with patients by looking up the patient journey of calls. This is great if you have a difficult situation with a patient and need to know exactly what was discussed on each of the calls.
  • You find out what calls you missed. It can be a shock once you see how many calls are not picked up at your practice.
  • You also find out how long patients are left in hold.
  • Your team can now learn by listening to calls and doing a self-evaluation. It makes it much easier to learn and grow when the team know they need improving. If you ask your team how they are going on their phone calls they will always say, “great” but once they listen to their calls this all changes.


Call Tracking Excellence is a sophisticated call tracking and call intelligence solution, and team training set up specifically for Dentists and their teams to increase their business profits and help more patients.

Call Tracking Excellence began over 5 years ago and since then I have watched Dental Practices grow and flourish with the implementation and use of their incoming call recordings. The teams are empowered and ready to tackle calls because we know exactly where they need support and training.

Recording your incoming calls is the future for all business.

The insight you will have in your business will shock and surprise you and allow you to keep on top and make necessary improvements.

Or you can continue to not record your incoming phone calls and eventually be left behind.

The choice is yours.


Call Tracking Excellence

With Call Tracking Excellence your team will learn the SAME exact processes Jayne used to:  

1. Dramatically improve new patient call-in conversions to booked appointments..

2. Retain existing patient appointments and

3. Prevent ongoing losses from appointment cancellations.


Click this link to find out how to get started. It’s that easy!



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