I know I focus a lot on how your team answer calls in your dental office, but the truth is that every person in your office is speaking to patients at some point, not only the people answering the phones.

It is very easy to underestimate the level of communication that everyone on your team has with your patients.

Don’t take any chances, make sure your team are highly effective communicators. Every single one of them.

Your team need to know what to say, how to say it and when to say it, all the time.

This is something your team should be learning constantly and getting better.

I see so many dental offices with only a few amazing communicators and it needs to be everyone on the team.

You think about it.

Yes, you know that your team need amazing communication skills on the phone but what is happening off the phone.

You could be failing your patients because not everyone is communicating with them well.

Today after reading this blog I want you to have a close look at your team and the type of communication they are having with your patients.

Is it working well?

Does your team have the level of communication they need or do they need better communication skills.

The good news is that excellent communication skills are learned and perfected with consistent use.

I know this as I have taught many dental teams to improve their communication skills.

Having amazing communication skills gives your team instant confidence and ease when they speak with patients.

Dental Teams are constantly asking me for the words and phrases to say to patients. They are often getting stuck in their conversations and need help.

I always let teams know that a highly effective communicator is one who has a purpose and follows specific steps to get results.

Look at the first call and make sure your team are focused on helping the caller and making the appointment.

Look at how your patient is greeted when they first arrive at the practice.

Does your patient feel welcome, comfortable and ready to trust you?

Look at how you and your Dentists, Hygienist and Dental Assistants communicate with patients when they are sitting in the dental chair.

Are you listening to your patient to find what they want and are you communicating with your patient in a way that helps them make a decision and go ahead with necessary treatment?

These are just some of the points of communication you have with your patients.

Stop taking chances and learn how to be a Highly Effective Communicator with your patients.

If you would like your team to know exactly what to say, how to say it and when to say it with your patients then my Master Class is for you.

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