It has been an absolute privilege consulting with Jayne during our Dental Phone Excellence training over the last three months.

Jayne is incredibly knowledgeable and informative. She teaches step by step processes on how to “do the right thing” by your business as well as your patients. Furthering your verbal skills is what her program is all about, and the more you practise the easier it gets!

As a team, we have developed new techniques in tackling those “difficult patients” and “hard questions” over the phone, as well as in person. The course has also helped us become more successful in converting a phone call into a scheduled appointment, and reducing the number of failure to attend and unable to attend appointments.

Equipped with improved communication skills, we now communicate with patients more confidently and efficiently. We cannot recommend Dental Phone Excellence by Jayne highly enough.

Thank you for your time and expertise, Jayne!

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