My first experience with Jayne was through her Dental Phone Excellence course a few years ago.   This was during my capacity as practice manager in the dental industry.

I found her training sessions and follow up service to be of huge assistance and benefit to me as a practice manager and now as a business owner of a laser/skin clinic.

The telephone (in most cases) is the doorway to my business.   Jayne with her training and knowledge has enabled me to maximise the use of this important instrument.

The coaching, training and level of professionalism Jayne provided, has enabled me and also my staff to turn client phone calls into clinic appointments.

The Dental Phone Excellence training is adaptable and an important tool that all staff within the customer service industry can, and should utilise in order to ensure the client or customer receives a memorable experience.

With regular training and follow up with Jayne, the consistency and level of professionalism demonstrated by staff, regardless of industry, will certainly lead to better client outcomes and interactions with the obvious flow-on benefit of a growing successful business.

I strongly recommend this course for all business owners where phone to client interaction is often the first point of contact.

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