How To Turn Every Dental Phone Call Into A Valued and Kept Appointment

One Day Master Class with Jayne Bandy

Melbourne, VIC – Price of $797+GST

Ask yourself this question and then answer it truthfully:

Are your Dental Practice phones being answered as best as they can be? Or could they do with improvement?

Let’s face it, being a dental front office person isn’t easy… Your front office team members are each performing multiple detailed tasks at any one time…. answering the phone, greeting patients, collecting data, making appointments, collecting payments…. the list goes on…. 

They’re juggling live patients, existing patients, new patients, patients in pain, and then all of a sudden, the PHONE rings, and they need to be able to immediately switch over into a different person and put all those other duties on hold for a moment.

Sure, in theory that’s what’s meant to happen, but in reality, well, it’s never really quite like that at all, is it? 

The bottom line is, they’ve often been adapting to their front office role by working things out for themselves, but in reality, “winging it” is not really the answer when it comes to asking the question:

“What should they really be doing here?” 

Look, there’s only one thing separating good dental practices like yours, from those dentists who are consistently bringing home six figures a month, and more.

But this one thing is absolutely critical!

And that’s having GREAT people, with GREAT skills and confidences working on the front desk of those Dental practices. You see, the most successful dentists have definitely managed to “differentiate” themselves from their competition by the way their phones are consistently answered. They know, if your phone is answered poorly then your practice is really no different from anyone else’s.

And as you know, this has NO upside.

The good news is, Jayne Bandy says “Creating a serious differential for your dental practice phone is much easier than you think.” Jayne is a highly-respected international dental team coach with clients concentrated in Australia, UK, Europe and North America.

After completely selling out around Australia in 2018, Jayne’s newest Master Class, is now back by popular demand. 

Jayne will be conducting an all-exclusive FIVE CITY MASTER CLASS Tour titled “How To Turn Every Dental Phone Call Into A Valued and Kept Appointment.”

Melbourne, VIC – Price of $797+GST

At these full day live events, Jayne will be revealing the same easy front desk strategies she used recently when coaching a small Brisbane one-dentist practice to dramatically improve their new patient numbers during the first year working them. However…

These Master Classes are limited to the first 20 attendees who register, and at the event, you’ll discover:

The SAME exact processes Jayne used to:

  1. Dramatically improve new patient call-in conversions to booked appointments..
  2. Retain existing patient appointments and
  3. Prevent ongoing losses from appointment cancellations. And as you know…

Yes, one office is up to 86% call-in conversion, so far…

These 3 things, alone… eliminate the biggest sources of lost dollars your dental practice is currently experiencing.

At these Master Classes, your front office team will also learn: 

  • The 3 most critical and costly mistakes dental practices are making when answering the phones, and how to easily fix them. And by the way, if your team has ever followed any kind of a script when answering the phones… be forewarned — Mistake # 2 will make you sick once you realize how much money this has been costing you…
  • How one dental practice increased new patient call conversions from 43% to 86% in just 5 months… and how another increased new patient call conversions from 35% to 61%, in just 8 weeks…
  • A simple “trick” one dental practice used to increase their revenue 120% over the course of one year. 
  • A field-tested and proven way of turning those price related “How much do you charge for…” phone calls, into a consistent stream of repeat new customer appointments.And…
  • The 4 most important metrics your office should be measuring, to ensure maximum telephone profitability.You’ll also uncover the devastating financial impact of ignoring even one of them. Sadly, 99.9% of all dental offices are losing significant new patient revenues, because of this…

So if your new patient numbers are down, or if you’ve “sensed” for a while that something’s just not working as well as it should be, as it relates to the phones… then book your places at one of these MASTER CLASSES, right now!

Here is a small sample of comments from clients and attendees at Jayne’s workshops:

Everything was explained really well with great examples. Jayne was very relatable and easy to follow. She had my attention all day.

Sabrina Tavakol, Pennant Hills NSW

Thank you Jayne. It was a pleasure to attend your workshop. I thought you were a lovely presenter with a lot of useful material which I have evaluated and used in our practice. It has helped us to build different strategies involving patients keeping their appointments as well as asking excellent questions. It was a well thought out presentation covering many different scenarios. I will refer to the workshop book in the future.”

Kate Raine, Kensington VIC

Today I have learnt new phone skills, how to change the wording to make a positive difference for both the patient and the dental office. Jayne was down to earth, humble, highly skilled and created a comfortable environment to learn in. I loved the Priority Standby! Thank you for sharing your time, skills and knowledge with us today Jayne. It was very much appreciated. God Bless.

Janet Oliveira, Palm Beach QLD

I found this course to be very informative as I am quite new to the front office team. I realised lots of ways I can improve my telephone techniques. Jayne, you are a really great presenter and I really enjoyed listening to you!!!! You go girlfriend. Looking forward to reading your blogs!!

Kelly Rubie, Brisbane QLD

The Workshop was both stimulating and educating. It made me more aware of the right and wrong things my team routinely say to patients. You taught great techniques to confirm appointments, increase conversion rates and minimise and manage cancellations. Well worth the trip.

Dr Galina Razbash, Melbourne VIC

Very informative. It was great to explore different language to use with patients to get the best results.

Sarah Bourke, Goulburn VIC

I came away with a better understanding of how to improve my Communication Skills to get better results on Phone calls. I believe all receptionists in Dental practices who answer the phone, should be required to do your workshop. It would give them a better understanding of what is important for our business and patients and to know the how and the why we answer the phone.”

Celina McMahon, North Rockhampton QLD

And here are some comments from Jayne’s private clients:

Dental Phone Excellence keeps the practice growing. The most important thing is the first call phone manner.

Dr Derek Mahony. Randwick NSW

I am so glad that I finally made the decision to contact Jayne to help improve our phone answering skills. Jayne was great with my staff and really helped us turn phone calls into booked appointments. Jayne’s passion is contagious and I feel very privileged to have had the pleasure of working with such a genuinely caring person. I highly recommend her services.”

Dr Anita Kouba. Ashfield NSW

Jayne really opened our eyes to a new way of thinking about incoming calls. Our new patient numbers were dropping steadily. We are out of network with insurance so what we say to patients is critical. She gave us verbiage to say and the very next month, we increased new patients by 25! We all know the challenges of training our staff ourselves. Leave it to the professional. That’s Jayne!” 

Dr. Tim Cashion DDS. Houston TX

Jayne’s knowledge and expertise with the front office communication skills is invaluable.”

Dr. Ian Yiannakis. Midland WA

We have been working with Dental Phone Excellence since August and are already seeing great results. Loving your work Jayne Bandy.” 

Dr. Rachel Hall. Kenmore Qld 

Jayne is incredibly knowledgeable and informative. She teaches step by step processes on how to “do the right thing” by your business as well as your patients. Furthering your verbal skills is what her program is all about, and the more you practise the easier it gets!”

The CHOC Team- Coburg VIC

At this Master Class Jayne will also be revealing how to seriously lower cancellations. And as you know, this is critical because cancellations are costing you a lot of money and a ton of wasted team hours, especially over time…

So if you’re sick and tired of wondering how to get better results from your front office phone, and you’re looking to find the best way once and for all… then register for this unique Master Class, right now!

As an added bonus for registering, all attendees will receive Jayne’s Free Report (a $97 value), “How I Quickly And Easily Went From 35% to 77% New Patient Telephone Conversions, And Doubled The Size of My Dental Practice Along The Way,”

P.S. Don’t forget, these Master Classes are only open to the first 20 attendees who register:

All tickets are $797.00 + GST per person with a $100 earlybird saving FOR THOSE WHO BOOK EARLY!! This includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea and Master Class Notes.

Melbourne, VIC – Price of $797+GST

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