"The Communication Skills Your Team Need to Increase Your Big Case Treatment Acceptance.”

How to create Total Excellence and dramatically improve your Big Case Acceptance Processes in your General Dental Practice

There’s no disputing the fact: Jayne is the Go-To Expert for Dentists and Dental Teams wanting to learn communication skills to help patients say yes to treatment and make kept appointments. 

 When you think patient communication, you think Jayne Bandy!!  

Australia’s Dental Front Office GURU, Jayne Bandy, will explain the SAME exact processes she used, and teaches other dental offices to: 

1. Increase your case acceptance numbers. Jayne will teach your staff the exact same techniques and phrases that she used in her practice to help patients to begin the orthodontic treatment they always wanted immediately…. 

2. Retain existing patient appointments where they should be and... Prevent ongoing losses from appointment cancellations. And as you know, this is critical because cancellations are costing you a lot of money and a ton of wasted team hours, especially over time...  

3. Dramatically improve new patient call-in conversions to booked and kept appointments... so that callers will be wanting to come in as soon as possible and get started. 

With a career spanning over twenty five years , the simple fact is:  

“If it hasn’t been said by Jayne then it’s not worth hearing.”

Whether you think you’re doing OK, and you think you’ve heard it all before, you don’t want to miss out on this incredible opportunity to BRING YOUR KEY TEAM MEMBERS to learn from Jayne in this never seen before GROUND BREAKING presentation :  

"The Communication Skills Your Team Need to Increase Your Big Case Treatment Acceptance.”

How to create Total Excellence and dramatically improve your Big Case Acceptance Processes in your General Dental Practice  

In Sydney on Saturday November 9

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Here’s a small sample of WHAT JAYNE WILL BE COVERING IN THIS INTENSE [but fun!] One day workshop:  

Your team will learn the BEST and EASIEST ways to discuss treatment and fees with the patient so that the patient will be wanting to immediately begin treatment.  

Your team will learn:

  • How to completely differentiate your practice value proposition well above every other dental practice in your area 
  • How to create a foolproof System of communication that will dramatically increase your patient case acceptance numbers  
  • How to create that “CLEAR. NEXT. STEP.” at the handover with certainty for your patients so that they schedule their treatment immediately that same day.  
  • To create a “tribe of consensus” within your dental practice so that your patients move forward with clarity and the certainty that they are indeed making the correct decision right NOW!!  
  • How to position your practice as the FIRST CHOICE amongst those people coming in with “general” enquiries  
  • How to create highly effective persuasion tools that showcase your practice’s unique level of expertise  
  • How to create highly effective documentation that demonstrates the exceptional quality of results that your practice delivers  
  • How to easily and comfortably present fees to your patients in a way that maximises perceived value and makes the decision to start immediately a very logical one.  
  • How to TOTALLY eliminate all of those obstacles that undermine your staff’s ability of getting the patient to accept 

You [the dentist] will learn

  • To be more effective at communicating to patients the high value of treatment they will receive at your dental practice
  • How to totally remove any and all negative thoughts of PRICE sensitivity so that your patients accept the treatment and understand what exceptional value it represents! 
  • How to effectively educate your patients about the high level of expertise of each of your dental practice team members 
  • How to effectively and seamlessly hand over to your treatment coordinator with the total clarity needed for the patient to go ahead and schedule their treatment STRAIGHT AWAY …. 
  • How to effectively demonstrate the great results you achieve at your dental practice. 
  • And MUCH, MUCH, MORE!!!!  


Derek Mahony says: “It always disappoints me when I see great dentists fail to reach their full potential” 

DEREK MAHONY knows that for a dental practice to be successful, the dentists and team members who created those practices never lose sight of the fact that patients need to have clarity with their dental treatment options, and they need to know exactly what their next steps must be.  

These successful practices refused to sell themselves short and be governed by entities that asked them to compromise the care of their patients.  


Here’s what attendees have been saying about Jayne Bandy’s presentations:

“Great presenter. Felt very involved. I learned some new case conversion techniques. The workshop was very worthwhile.” Margot Kelly-Basterd. Brisbane. Queensland.  

“Jayne was a wonderful speaker and quite funny too. I definitely came away with a better understanding of how to improve my presentation skills with the advice and suggestions on how to word questions to patients.” Elaine Callan. New Farm. Queensland.  

“I appreciated the extra ideas and will be tweaking how I communicate with patients and will look forward to seeing the results. A very well presented workshop.” Helen Frobisher. Brisbane. Queensland.  

“I thought the workshop was great. I came away feeling inspired and more confident in the skills I already have and the ones I need to improve. Jayne you were very engaging and made the workshop really interesting. I will definitely be recommending your workshop to anyone who wants to learn more. Thanks again. Hopefully we will see you again in the future.” Alannah O’Sulliavan. Kensington. Victoria.  

“It was great to be able to attend with all my staff so we could start discussions to change and improve our practice. Thanks for all your excellent ideas.” Dr William Wong. Doncaster East. Victoria

Derek Mahony says:  

“I see so many patients fail to go ahead with necessary life-saving orthodontic treatment because of confusion and uncertainty about what they really need to do. The best person I know to educate a dental practice in fixing this problem is Jayne Bandy. Her hands on experience in working in and building one of Sydney’s most successful dental practices makes her the GO-TO person when it comes to helping dental practices break through this issue.”  

Derek Mahony BDS (Syd), MDScOrth (Lon), DOrthRCS, MDOrthRCPS (Edin), MOrthRCS (Glas), FRCD (Can), MOrth RCS (Ed), FICD, FACD, FICCDE, FIADFE, FPFA, Grad Dip Dental Sleep Medicine (UWA)  

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